In the following steps, we will not only introduce you with our offer, but we will also provide you with all the information you need to make your order.

1. step

Choose the product on which we will apply your design.

Mug with the handle 

Our favorite mug is offered in several sizes.Diameter x height: 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x8, 10x10,2 cm

Cup with the handle

Small cup with the handle is ideal for a good quality coffee or tea experience. Diameter x height: 9x6 cm


A quality size, for which we think is best for enjoying a beer, has a large handle for a safe grip. Diameter x height: 12,3x17 cm


Small bowl is ideal for enjoying your morning cereals or as a side cookware while preparing a meal. Diameter x height: 5,5x16,5 cm


Cylindrical container with a shaped opening at the top for pouring, can be used for serving your favorite drink or easily as a vase for the flowers. Diameter x height: 12,5x19,5 cm

Pudgy teapot

Small pudgy teapot is ideal for preparing strong herbal teas. Diameter x height without lid: 11x11 cm


Conical teapot great for serving tea or coffee. Diameter x height without lid: 12x11,5 cm


Conical tall kettle with a smooth surface, perfectly higlighting any design. Diameter x Height without lid: 13x17cm

2. step

Choose the color of the surface. The top rim is always black. The interior of the cookware is always bright i. e. white to creamy. Price is based on color. White, cream, and pale blue are the cheapest option. The colors of the cookware can be seen HERE .

3. step

Be sure that your order contains the design you want to apply on the cookware.


Every order is completely individual and depends on the chosen product, color, design and number of pieces. For the price, please contact our sales department. We look forward to hearing from you!

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