Why enamelled cookware from us?

- almost 30 years of tradition on Czech market of the enamelled cookware

- we are the biggest produced of custom made designed enamelled cookware in CZ

- we offer the widest range of enamelled mugs

- more than 1 000 realisated projects in the area of designed enamelled mugs

- if you are looking for red or orange mugs, only our company can offer them to you with the certification for the contact with food according to EU norms.

Custom made enamel cookware 

Retro enamel cookware is timeless. Generations of Chefs appreciate the non-aging design and functionality of the material.

Do you wish to own a unique mug, pint, pitcher, or bowl, adorned with your own custom print? With us this and much, more is possible! You just need to choose the type of cookware, set the color and design and then leave the rest to us. Enamel cookware is suitable for all types of heating including induction and at the same time very durable, healthy and metal-resistant. Cookware is so durable that you don't need to worry about washing it in the dishwasher or warming in the oven.

The process of the design application on the cookware is done at high temperatures, up to 820 °C. By doing this we assure that the image soaked in 100% and sticks to the surface perfectly. Therefore, think carefully what you want to use as a decor, because scraping it off after, just won't work.

Marex Trade

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